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A mysterious witch, a ladybug who is afraid to fly, a faerie that sings piano solos, and flowers that whisper… Welcome to the magical world of Itahlea The Ladybug Faerie! This rich-media book contains a video, an audio track, and an interactive website that teaches you how to host your very own Ladybug Parade.

The Message
The Ladybug Faerie has some very deep lessons about believing in yourself, about positive body-image, and about overcoming fears but mostly it shows us how stumbling blocks can become stepping stones!

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In the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012, two friends decided to make up stories and poems while texting each other. The stories grew and twisted in many odd and beautiful ways and it was much fun. Author, Jacob Devaney especially loved the character Itahlea that emerged from these texting conversations and decided to organize and develop the story to be shared. He needed to find an illustrator who could make the story come alive.

One day, while surfing through Facebook, he saw that another friend had changed her profile picture. It was a picture of her holding a piece of art that a friend of hers had drawn. The style of the art was exactly what Jacob was looking for. So he messaged her, “Who’s art are you holding in your new profile picture?”. The artist, Dania Piotti, so Jacob went to her fanpage. On the front of her page was a new piece of art, a woman with ladybugs in her hair.

This all seemed too perfect, so he “liked” her page and sent her a message. “What is the name of the character with ladybugs?”, he asked.

Diana replied, “It’s funny that you should ask because she doesn’t have a name. I always name my characters before I paint them, but last night there was 2 ladybugs in my studio and I wanted to paint them. I thought it would be boring to just paint 2 ladybugs so I decided to put them in a girls hair. So I painted this girl before she had a name. Why do you ask?”

Jacob said, “Well I think her name is Itahlea. Here’s a story that I wrote about her with a friend of mine, tell me what you think…”

The result is The Ladybug Faerie, a beautiful story, born of inspiration, impulse, and collaboration between friends. The book doesn’t belong to a publisher, so if you like it, please share it with your networks and help spread the word…