Entrancing for Adults & Kids!


A mysterious witch, a ladybug who is afraid to fly, a faerie that sings piano solos, and flowers that whisper… Welcome to the magical world of Itahlea The Ladybug Faerie! This rich-media book contains a video, an audio track, and an interactive website that teaches you how to host your very own Ladybug Parade.

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This playful story will make you dream! Cuddle up under a tree, read it with a friend or to your kids. Enjoy the rich-media Ipad version complete with embedded audio and video…

Ladybug Parade

Host a Ladybug Parade at your party, community event or festival!

More information and pictures coming soon…


Rich-media Ibook for your Ipad or Iphone HERE

This book is available in hard-copy HERE

Book will be available for Kindle soon!

"Entrancing for Kids & Adults!"